Unlike any other marketing method, Mobile Marketing allows you to reach 240,000,000 people any time. There were more SMS messages sent last year than there were phone calls. The only requirement is that you must have the user's permission to send messages to his or her cell phone.

Per-Keys allow you to ask for permission with a direct mail piece or other printed communication and give the recipient a personalized keyword to respond to an SMS Short Code.

The advantage of having a personalized keyword sent to the short code is that you know immediately who is responding and you can send the responder a highly targeted message. This, as we know, makes response likelier and easier which is always your ultimate goal.

hands texting

Per-Keys is a patent pending system for distributing personal SMS keywords in print
Combine the effectiveness of direct mail with the efficiency of mobile marketing!
A simple and innovative way to:

  • Increase your opt-in rates
  • Increase your sales
  • Lower your costs

We deliver One to One customized messages via mobile devices